Join pool

To join bitcoin generation on any of pools networks Ea, you need to connect your miner to Stratum interface this node, which is available at the address indicated on the website this node (pool).

As a login, you should use the payout address (YOUR_BTC_ADDRESS), beginning with digit 3 (address format P2SH).

You can specify the name of the worker in the miner settings after the BTC address through a slash, comma, dot or space.


Machine ID (worker name), useful if machines need to be distinguished from each other. If you don't need it, you don't need to specify the ID.
The name of the worker can only use letters of the Latin alphabet
and numbers from 0 to 9.

Example: 3Mhrh8kbpFm2gUnYgi7XWVuQDro1mJMCkG/S19First


Pool address: stratum+tcp://
Login: Your bitcoin address starting with number 3 (P2SH format)
Password: Not needed (or qwerty if required by miner firmware)